Decentralised voting platform

Transparent, safe, fair and fast way for voting

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Boulé opens up a reliable digital voting system.

Citizens can now register and vote instantly through their mobile phone or secure web browser.

Increase the efficiency of election organizers.

Votes are verified and counted in real-time and the entire online voting process can be audited at any point, removing risks of fraud, tampering or controversy.

Boulé makes voting accessible to everyone and allows voters to express a digital ballot for any poll.

Individuals and associations

Private and public companies

Governments and institutions


Claudio Perlini

Project Lead

Giovanni Zorzato

Tech Lead

William Selmo

Business Dev.



Manuel Enrique Morales

Director of Instituto Científico de Gobierno Electrónico

Ismail Malik

CEO Blockchain Lab

Susan Oh

Freelance Journalist and CEO of Muckr Media AI

Walid Al-Saqaf

Tech4D Sweden Vice President and Co-Founder

Hanane Boujemi

United Nations Internet Policy Analyst and Internet Society Blockchain Advisor