What is Boulé?

Boulé is a remote voting technology based on the Blockchain.
We will allow every institution and govern in the world, to run a reliable election with online voting.

How can you do that?

Blockchain has opened a new technological era, where the transactions can be stored forever in the chain.
Voting transactions will be anonymous, verifiable and impossible to be corrupted or modified.

Actual voting systems are working, why we need a remote voting one?

Remote voting system allows institutions to announce several polls during a mandate, in order to make stronger the connection between citizens and representants.
In this way, people will have a greater commitment with their representants, and it will contribute in a more conscious and frequent vote contribution.

Is remote voting system based on the blockchain liable to hackers attack?

Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized technology developed with the main purpose to be less vulnerable to attacks and control by group of people or corporations in respect to traditional systems.
Moreover, blockchain aims at transaction transparency allowing everybody to see what are the rules that govern the system.

Can electors vote twice, once online and once at the offline polls station?

Since the 100% diffusion of online voting, there will be both online and offline systems to vote.
During this transition period, online voting will be available only some days before the offline voting, in order to exclude from the offline voting lists, all the electors that have already voted.

How can I trust a voting software?

Unlike traditional software, election rules will be immutably written on a smart contract.
Everybody will be able to audit and verify that the contract is respecting those rules.
In this way the exit poll will be 100% correct and reliable.

Do you have some national agreements?

We are in partnership with Scientific Institute of Spanish e-Government.
Our agreements confirm their interest in testing the first demo we’ll make in October; if the demo works for them, they will be our licensee for Spain and South America.
Furthermore, we have access to all the studies that the University of Almeria and the University of Granada are doing on Blockchain and Decentralised e-Government solutions.

Where can we have more information about the project?

We have released a whitepaper. You can find it here.

When is the pre-sale ICO starting?

Pre-sale ICO will start the 28th of August.
Due to the high interest in this project, we are releasing a 24 hours priority pass for investors that subscribe on our website.

Is there a cap for the crowdsale?

Sure, we have 10,000 ETH max cap for the pre-sale and 290,000 ETH max cap for the ICO (crowdsale total amount = 300,000 ETH) .
We also set a minimum cap of 400 ETH to reach for the pre-sale.
If we won’t reach the minimum cap in the pre-sale, all funds will be refunded.

How can I trust you?

We have our Linkedin profile on the website , you can anytime contact us and have a Skype call to ask for information or just to see us in person.

Is there a bonus for early supporters?

Yes, we give 100% bonus for the first 24 hours, and 40% for the rest of the pre-sale contribution period.

What price will Boulé tokens have on the exchange services?

We’ll release Boulé Token on the exchange websites in November at 1000 Boulé : 1 ETH

Does Boulé token have some right or shares of the company?

No, Boulé tokens are a liquid asset for crypto-investors.
They can be traded on the market or HODL for a future return, but token owner is voluntarily donating his ETH for supporting this project.
Boulé owners do not have right over the company nor shares.

Can we speculate on your project?

Since we are doing a project that aims to disrupt democracy, that is not our intent.
Far from that, we know speculation is important for the success of our ICO, so have given a significant profit opportunity for investors that join early the pre-sale.

Will you really develop a voting system?

Yes, we are doing that.
We believe times are ready to have this innovation in voting process, so we are going to release a beta version in October to make some market tests.
The full-working system will be ready in the second quarter of 2018.

When will the pre-sale ICO start?

Pre-sale ICO starts the 28th of August.
We’ll communicate at which block the same day.
There is a priority pass 24 hours before for subscribed investors.

Is there a maximum and minimum cap?

The maximum cap for pre-sale is 10000 ETH, the minimum cap is 400 ETH.
If we don’t reach the minimum cap, we’ll refund every investor. Funds won’t be available until the minimum cap is reached.
If we reach the maximum cap, the pre-sale finishes and no more funds can be send to our wallet.

How much is the value of boulé tokens? Is there a bonus on the pre-sale?

Boulé token will be traded on the exchanges starting from 1000 BOU : 1 ETH.
For the first 24 hours of pre-sale, they will be sold at the rate of 2000 BOU : 1 ETH.
During the rest of the pre-sale contribution period, the rate will be 1400 BOU : 1 ETH.

What is your timeline for the token sale?

Pre-sale ICO will start the 28th of August (priority pass since the 27th) and it will finish the 24th September or when the max cap of 10.000 ETH will be reached.
ICO sale will start the 9th of October and will close the 30th of October.
Boulé will be traded on the exchanges starting from the second week of November.
Follow our blog for more updates.

How the tokens will be split?

50% of tokens will be sold between pre-sale and ICO.
20% of tokens stay to Boule Foundation for future needs.
20% of tokens will be distributed to the advisors.
10% of tokens are for the founding team.