How it works

Voting System

Voting System on the Blockchain requires two steps: ID authentication and vote submission.
Authentication in Boulé Voting Technology is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.
An institution that wants to run an election through our system has to buy a certain amount of token to activate the Smart Contract developed by Boulé Foundation.
Smart Contract will be public and preview available to be verified, same as the exit poll at the end of the voting process.
The Elector Identification Process starts from the National Security Number and it requires several simple and secure steps explained on this page.
After identification, electors can vote. The Vote can be modified several times until the end of the voting period.
Vote Submission in Boulé Voting Technology is based on the Ethereum Blockchain too.
Once the voting period is ended, the transaction is confirmed and it is not possible to change it or to remove it from the Blockchain and it will be recorded forever.
It will be impossible to associate Voter's Identity with the vote through the transaction.

The strongest digital voting system

No more concerns about hackers and fraud.

Boulé voting system will start with a biometric recognition process.

National registration process

It will follow the national recognition system, that could be National Security Number, ID card number, electoral card or any other official way to recognise citizens and electors.

Password and token ID validation

Electors will spend their token to validate their ID.
Identification requires several steps: own and spend a token, insert a personal password, upload ID document and register to a facial recognition system.

Other security steps to remove forced vote and threats

The main threats are forced vote and vote purchased.
We have devised security controls that will be discussed after the pre-sale with early supporters to give strength to the voting system and prevent illegal behaviours.

Token functionality

Boulé token will be purchased by election organizers in order to run the service.
When an election takes place, organizers have to buy a certain amount of tokens in order to allow every voter to vote.

Electors will use token to validate their ID the first time they enter into an electoral poll.
After that, they are allowed to enter into the poll without any limit.

Organisers can incentive the use of the online system by setting a token reward for users that will vote online.

In this scenario, electors that confirm online their vote will be rewarded with a percent of the tokens received by the organisers.
Tokens used to validate ID will come back to the Boulé System in a buyback strategy.

This will increase Boulé token (BOU) value as much as it will be traded, due to the fact that there will be less BOU distributed available to be purchased.

More details available at the Pre-Sale ICO page